About Us

M/s. Jessica Pickelz Private Limited is a leading exporter of cucumber and gherkins, Jalapeno, Green Chilli, Red Chilli, variety of processed vegetables and fruit With our customers in more than 30 countries, including the world’s most respected brands, our commitment is to spread health and happiness through good food.

M/s. Jessica Picklez Private Limited is an active participant in global preserved vegetables and fruit markets. Thanks to the rapid processing of specialized agriculture and raw materials in large quantities, the most suitable climate zones, the highest quality standards are guaranteed at all times. By using advanced technologies for conservation and labeling and efficient implementation, customers across the globe are happy with the quality of our product and service.
M/s.Jessica Picklez Company was originally established as 2016 in Private Limited Company. Individual Agriculture Performance Vision. From its inception, Jessica Picklez Company is the promoter and leader of Pickled Cucumber business from India. Strategic acquisitions play an important role in this process, despite the growing consumer base and high production facilities that cause a steady and sustained growth of the company. Here are the key milestones of our journey.
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